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A collection of stories about my years of overland travel, holidays and short breaks, around the world.

Welcome to Ivan's whole wide world photo travelogue.
                 What's new;- Just finished the story 'Tales of my first time - Trans Asia 1975 trip' A good read, full of surprises.


This is about the continents I have visited at the structure of this travelogue.

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The Continents


There are only a limited number of continents and a lot is known about some and less about others.

Maldives white sand beach

I don't intend to write an extensive introduction about continents here as there are much better sites for that.

Suffice to say that I would like to eventually visit all of them including Antarctica.

Accordingly, I have set the basic structure up to allow for this ambition, even if I have nothing significant to say about them at the moment.

Whilst the structure of this travelogue will be a combination of Continents and Oceans, and this is the Continents segment, there are exceptions. For instance Great Britain has it's own sections for holidays, or short breaks. After all, it is my home country. Another exception is The Grand Tour, but this is just an alternative route in the menus to the same trips within the respective continents.

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Continents visited

I have visited, on at least one occasion, the following Continents;-
    North America

That's four of seven, three more to go!

Explore and enjoy.


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