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A collection of stories about my years of overland travel, holidays and short breaks, around the world.

Welcome to Ivan's whole wide world photo travelogue.
                 What's new;- Just finished the story 'Tales of my first time - Trans Asia 1975 trip' A good read, full of surprises.


This is a gateway to my travel stories about oceans and the islands in them.

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Well if the introduction to Continents was short, this is set to be shorter.

Maldives white sand beach

This is again a case of splitting up the world into arbitrary areas to make navigation and discovery, around this site easier.

Continents seamed a logical choice for the first division, but what of those countries not part of a continental land mass.

I have decided not to attempt to guess which islands are associated with which continent in peoples minds, especially as some of those associations will be political rather than geographical. Accordingly, I have chosen Oceans as the other primary division. The island, or collection of islands are cataloged based upon the sea with which they are surrounded, and thereby the Ocean.


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Oceans visited

By that way of calculating I have visited  first four of the seven oceans.

Explore and enjoy.


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This column will sometimes be used to show background information such as time zone, latitude and longitude, dates and the like.

It may also show statistics and other information about the place.

On other occasions it will have photos or side stories.